Types of proposals
Individual papers are formal presentations on original research by one or more authors, lasting a total of 20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). Please note that the time limit will be strictly adhered to.

Colloquia allow for extended discussion on a particular topic with a cluster of several independent papers and a joint discussion. Colloquia are presented in time blocks of 90 minutes, and the colloquium organizer will decide upon the allocation of this time between the introduction, individual papers and the discussion (20 minutes per paper, with 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). It is expected that colloquia organizers have invited colloquium contributors in advance.
Abstract submission guidelines
  • Language of submission: English.
  • Submission of proposals for papers and colloquia should be completed via the online submission website
  • Author information: first name, last name, affiliation and country.
  • Short abstract length: between 50 to 75 words (the subject/aim and the main result of the study).
  • Keywords: between 5 and 7 keywords.
  • Extended abstract length: between 500 to 1000 words (including references).
  • Suggested structure: introduction, methodology, results and discussion, conclusion.
  • Colloquia: the abstract must contain both the main description of the colloquium, as well as a summarized description of each individual paper to be presented within the colloquium. This information must include the names and affiliations of each authors and presenter, and the title of each respective session/presentation, as well as any other information believed to be relevant.
  • References: according to APA 6th style.
  • Tables and figures: Please do not include any tables or figures.
  • Download template:
Submission closes 30 November, 2020. All authors will be informed about the acceptance/rejection of their abstract submission after the peer review process by 5 December, 2020.
Evaluation of proposals
Proposals for individual papers and colloquia will receive a general overall evaluation. The CMSC Scientific Committee will also consider the degree to which each abstract:

  • situates the study within its research context and demonstrates a clear theoretical, methodological and/or practical contribution to the field,
  • coherently articulates its topic and purpose (objectives),
  • outlines the data being analyzed and how it will be analyzed,
  • is of potential interest to an CMSC audience,
  • for colloquia, the committee will consider the importance/significance of the overarching topic and/or framework(s) addressed, and its coherence of and with individual presentations.
Conditions of submission
– It is assumed that all proposals represent original and unpublished work that is not yet available to the research community.

– A participant may be first author/presenter in a maximum of two presentations, be it individual papers or papers within colloquia. In addition, a participant may act as co-author in one further presentation.

– Alternatively, participants may act as first author/presenter in one presentation, and in a maximum of two other presentations.

– Paper presenters as well as colloquium organizers need to be registered on the conference website.

– Participants will present the paper on the day and time assigned by the CMSC Organizing Committee.