December 10–12, 2020
Communication in Multicultural Society Conference
National research nuclear university MEPhI
(Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)
About our conference
On behalf of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, we take great pleasure in welcoming you to the 2nd international conference on Communication in Multicultural Society (CMSC 2020), which will take place virtually on 10–12 December, 2020.

The CMSC 2020 aims at bringing together researchers who share various views on different aspects of the theory and practice of communication in multicultural contexts.
The analysis of multiple perspectives and approaches to communication is particularly topical for National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, which provides professional training to future specialists in nuclear technologies and related spheres all around the world.

The CMSC 2020 invites papers which address specific issues regarding technical aspects of communication at a nuclear power plant as well as more general discussions in the fields of discourse analysis, linguistics, culture studies, pedagogy and methodology.
Keynote speakers
David Block
ICREA & Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
David Block is ICREA Research Professor in Sociolinguistics in the Departament d'Humanitats at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Andy Kirkpatrick
Griffith University, Australia
Andy Kirkpatrick is Professor in Linguistics in the Department of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences at Griffith University and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.
Maria Liakata
The Alan Turing Institute, Queen Mary University of London, University of Warwick, UK
Maria Liakata is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) fellow at the Alan Turing Institute, UK and a Professor in Natural Language Processing (NLP) at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London and the Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick.
Marina Platonova
Riga Technical University, Latvia
Marina Platonova is Professor of Contrastive and Comparative Linguistics at Riga Technical University (RTU).
Horst-Michael Prasser
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Horst-Michael Prasser has been a full professor of Nuclear Energy Systems at ETH Zurich since April 2006.
Technical communication in multicultural settings
Media communication in multicultural society
Information security in intercultural communication
Development of professional competencies in foreign language training
Cognitive aspects of intercultural communication
Linguistic aspects of intercultural communication
Theory and practice of translation
Language contact in multicultural society
Discourse and cultural studies
Foreign languages in multicultural educational environment
Artificial intelligence
The conference language is English.
There is no participation fee.
All accepted proposals will be published in the Conference Proceedings and indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and Scopus / Web of Science databases.
Conference session formats
Plenary session
60 minutes including 15 minutes for discussion
Paper presentation
20 minutes including 5 minutes for discussion
Invited colloquium
90 minutes including discussion
90 minutes including discussion
Important dates:
30 November, 2020
30 November, 2020
Submission of extended abstracts closes
5 December, 2020
5 December, 2020
Notification of acceptance/rejection by
10 December, 2020
10 December, 2020
Registration closes
10-12 December, 2020
10-12 December, 2020
Conference takes place
15 January, 2021
15 January, 2021
Submission of first drafts of papers closes
15 February, 2021
15 February, 2021
Authors receive reviews by
1 March, 2021
1 March, 2021
Submission of final versions of papers closes
We welcome future participants of the conference and hope the CMSC 2020 will offer an international forum for young and established scientists from various academic fields to promote dialogue, collaboration and exchange of views on the latest advances in the theory and practice of communication in multicultural settings.
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